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What Others Say

My coaching sessions with Jody were a tremendous help in moving forward towards my goals. Jody empowered me to discover my own solutions and come up with actionable plans.   by listening attentively and compassionately    as I unraveled my thoughts and feelings. She was able to provide such insight into my experience and gave.  me the space I needed to feel heard,validated, and supported. By working with Jody, I  have gained clarity around what my next steps will be."- April S.  


"My experience with Jody is of support and gentle nudging in the right direction.  She helped see what I could do.  She helped me find the place of peace.The biggest take away is the absolute need to take care of myself so I can be there to help with others."- Patricia L. 

“Jody Birnberg helped me so much through some really effective coaching sessions. She was always upbeat and clearly interested in what I was saying. She listened, ask a few questions, and then listen a whole lot more. Her questions and listening are top-notch gems, real keys to unlocking what was blocking me. I love it that those questions got me to my own solutions. This is the best. I always felt encouraged after each session and hopeful.

I feel that the sessions gave me some very valuable insights as I’m continuing to have      Success with living a more creative and productive life."-Anne D.