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Jody Birnberg 
Video STrategist 

I am an experienced professional woman answering                                                                                                  the questions that change our life, working with women ready to take action,                                                          looking, solving and finding the path to the answersso you find your magnificence again!


Are you ready to build your confidence, find your path of direction, accept the new you, learn more?

This is your chance. Let's find out how we can get you there together!


Ready to Make Your Footprints to Discovery?

Let's Get Started
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The New Direction Begins


Book your 15 min complimentary session. Allow 15 minutes of clear, concise conversation of your greatest goals.


Per our conversation, we will be able to use strategic actionable steps moving you beyond your past.  We will create priorities, timelines and accountability to keep you on the new open path forward.



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I Am So Glad That I Worked With


A Private Facebook Group for Women Ready for Change

The time has come to become part of a group dedicated to sharing wins and losses and all that happens during the path to discovery of your magnificent you!


Find life support and options for personal and  business growth.


We share your ups and downs,while helping to improve your own life and business strategy.

Opportunities beyond the Group will be offered at an additional charge; i.e. Courses, Interviews, etc.

$27.00 Monthly Membership


September 14, 2020!


Online Course/Private Facebook Group/ Membership Required

Pertinent Positive Feedback Life Topics with Open Discussions

Walking through Ideas, Self-Doubt & Key Issues

Downloadable Take Action Worksheets to Build Your Business


I am so glad that I worked with a star... 

My coaching sessions with Jody were a tremendous help in moving forward towards my goals. Jody empowered me to discover my solutions and come up with actionable plans.   by listening attentively and compassionately as I unraveled my thoughts and feelings. She was able to provide such insight into my experience and gave.  me the space I needed to feel heard, validated, and supported. By working with Jody, I  have gained clarity around what my next steps will be."- April Smith 


"My experience with Jody is of support and gentle nudging in the right direction.  She helped me see what I could do.  She helped me find a place of peace. The biggest take away is the absolute need to take care of myself so I can be there to help with others."

                                                                Patricia LeBlanc


“Jody Birnberg helped me so much through some really effective coaching sessions. She was always upbeat and clearly interested in what I was saying. She listened, ask a few questions, and then listen a whole lot more. Her questions and listening are top-notch gems, real keys to unlocking what was blocking me. I love it that those questions got me to my own solutions. This is the best. I always felt encouraged after each session and hopeful.

I feel that the sessions gave me some very valuable insights as I’m continuing to have  success with living a more creative and productive life."-Anne Delpine


"Jody Birnberg is a kind, sensitive, thoughtful, and thought-provoking professional.  I can’t think of a better person to help those of us who need some guidance to become the best possible version of ourselves!

In fact, Jody offers someone who is feeling “stuck” a complimentary Discovery Session.  Please see sign up for your session now.


When Jody recently interviewed me, she helped me feel comfortable, relaxed and paid attention to many details to make my experience a pleasant one. If you need some support adjusting to change circumstances in our new world or help in stopping some negative noise in your head, Jody will certainly be a wonderful asset to help move you forward in a gentle and loving way.  I highly recommend her to help you augment your life."

                                          Rabbi Deborah J. Schloss

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