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ABOUT       Me

I help women 40 and over, facing challenges such as:

  • Answering the question: “Who AM I now??”

  • Still “stuck” after divorce, and cannot move on.

  • Changed adult children relationships

  • Divorce (could be 2 months or 15 years)

  • End of a friendship, or a romantic relationship


This is my specialty. My job is to guide women 40+ to find their answers. Yes, YOU are in charge. You have all the answers inside of you. 


In our confidential video-conference coaching sessions:

  • You will find out where you REALLY are right now.

  • You will learn how to uncover your inner magnificence.

  • You will get unstuck from your muck of confusion, fear, and anger.

  • You will have a concrete plan to





Change is Jody’s middle name! She has experienced divorce, end of long-term friendships, changed relationships with her adult children, and siblings, being an “empty-nester”. She knew that a supportive “link” was missing during these transitions. When she learned that she could become certified to help women unexpected challenges, she found that “link”. Her past personal and professional experiences in helping others came together. Now, she successfully empowers women to DISCOVER MAGNIFICENT YOU!WHAT MAKES HER STAND OUT?

Business Background:

Litigation paralegal

Assistant restaurant manager

Hospital liaison and interpreter

Small business owner

Bilingual/Spanish teacher. 

Yoga 2 Life Coach Certification from ICF Certified School

Personal Growth Background:

Conscious Language

Worldwide Miracles Group Program

Energy healing work

Cognitive therapy


 Primal Scream

Volunteer mentor in recovery programs

University of Northwestern at St. Paul ‘s “Humor in Grief” Certificate.

7th Path Self-Hypnosis Certificate

Forrest Yoga practitioner.






CLICK BELOW for a complimentary discovery session!

  • Are you feeling lost? Confused?

  • Do you ask yourself, " Who am I in this new part of my life?"​

  • Your new chapter in life can be full of hope and joy!

  • Are you willing to invest the time to change? ( It is not a lot. You are worth it!)